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March 27th, 2009

Skin Care PackageDermitage has great ingredients, provides results, and offers a free trial to prove to you it´s the best.  Although it´s a relatively new product introduced to the market, Dermitage has created a cutting edge scientific formula to penetrate its ingredients to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Their formula contains 2 patented ingredients: Lifting spheres – which help plump up the skin for an instant lifting effect, and QuSomes – which encapsulate and deliver the ingredients to provide maximum efficacy. The ingredients have also been shown to help boost your own natural collagen production.

The 2 products in the kit that last about 60 days are:

  • Instant Lifting Cream
  • Skin Renewal Complex.

These two products work extremely well as a complimentary system.

Overall Rating22222
Speed of Results33333
Would you use again?11111


  1. MIL
    August 18th, 2009 at 11:22 | #1
    Overall Rating 22222
    Effectiveness 33333
    Value/Savings 11111
    Speed of Results 33333
    Would you use again? 11111

    Dermitage is scamming people into getting their product, and it is VERY expensive for what it does. They offer a free trial, but you have to return the used/unused product before two weeks usage and pay for the postage, and restocking charges may apply (god only knows how much that’ll be). I did find the product worked for me pretty well – I am using it on my arms, which were showing premature aging and sunspots – it’s doing nothing for the sun spots; however, my arm skin is plumping up and getting its collagen back. I’m impressed, but I am still returning the product because of the company’s ethics. I think it is false advertising when something is advertised as a FREE trial offer, when you end up paying so much in the long run, especially in the stress that $80-90 may be tagged onto your credit card if you don’t get the product back in time. So, I’m going to squeeze it all out into another container and then return it, and cancel my auto-order that they said would happen in 14 days (they include the shipping time it took to get it to you – so you don’t really have a 2-wk trial – you only get a few days which isn’t long enough to get long-term results. Good product, bad marketing.

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